Day 28 – What’s Done In The Dark Always Comes to Light

MAR 18, 2017 — The guardian for my sister is taking me to court to try and get the judge to bar me from visiting my her. I am her only sister. My sister wanted and appointed me her POA to be her advocate because she knew I loved her, would fight for her, and ensure she was safe safe and well taken care of if she wasn’t able to care for herself. I am her lifeline. 
The guardian made a point to mention in her petition to the court that I had started this petition and was posting information about my sisters injuries etc. So because of this she wants to prevent me from visiting my sister. She also stated that, predictably, the facility found no evidence of any injuries but we know better. The proof is in the pudding. You can see the bruising on her arm and look at her elbow and forearm.
I arrived today to find my sister in bed moaning in pain. When they came to change her and put on her night clothes she grimaced and cried out when they touched and moved her right arm. To my knowledge they have not x-rayed it. Although based upon what the administrator of the facility said to me yesterday when she stated the guardian specifically stated she did not want me present when they did their assessment of my sister after I reported the injury yesterday and they would just do it after I left, I would hope they have xrayed it. They did replace my sisters feeding tube today which makes me wonder if they accidentally pulled it out like the techs did while she was in the hospital. We will see what tomorrow brings as there is a pattern developing.