Day 30 – Inhumane or Malpractice?

MAR 20, 2017 — When I arrived today after church, approximately 11:00 I found my sister still in bed. Her tube feeding was not running either which means for the last couple of days she has not been receiving adequate nutrition. Evidently there was only one CNA working the morning shift. This is not the first time there has only been one CNA working for up to 38 patients. Weekend staffing has proven to be a challenge is all respects. 
I actually saw Dr. Behiri in the cafeteria area today sitting and jovially chatting with the staff. However I still have yet to see him actually examine my sister or her roommate. 
I have heard he supposedly does not speak to patients families. 

For the last couple of days when they have given my sister her evening medications including 10mg of morphine she has thrown up and tonight in addition she is running a fever. The last time she ran a fever they refused to give her Tylenol to bring it down saying it masks the infection. This is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. If you have an infection and are running a fever Tylenol will lower the temperature temporarily but will not keep it down, the fever will return until the antibiotics kick in. 
Since she threw up the protocol is to hold her feeding for an hour and then check for residual. If she has less than 10cc’s you can recommence the feeding.
She is extremely uncomfortable and crying out every few minutes and her temperature risen to 101.2 axillary which means 102.2. Supposedly a message has been left for Dr. Behiri. We shall see if he gets back to the nurse in a timely fashion as it’s been almost 2 hours already. This is the process here within CCR facilities. You page the doctor and wait for him to call you back. If her temperature keeps rising then you page him again, if he still doesn’t call you page him again. If her temperature continues to rise and the doctor has not responded to multiple pages over a series of hours then the nursing supervisor makes the decision if she will be sent to the hospital.
As I sit and watch her suffer I note while she is retaining fluid in her limbs her face and chest have become more gaunt. It is obvious that she is not receiving sufficient nutrition overall. I brought this to their attention early on