Day 43  – Missing My Sister

APR 1, 2017 — Really missing my sister. Those with sisters know exactly what I mean when I say we are each other’s lifeline. 
After she suffered her injury People used to approached and praise me for taking care of my sister. It always made me uncomfortable because there was never a question I would take care of Anastasia. Whenntheynwoild say you are such a good person for taking care of your sister I looked at them dumbfounded and said “she’s my sister” then they would look dumbfounded. 
My sister and I are of the same soul in different spheres. We are 5 years and 8 days apart but twins. She is an older version of me and I a younger version of her. We travel the same path hand in hand.
In love these two pictures. She holds me and I hold her.
I love you Sissy and I will fight for you till my last breath. I am nothing if not my mothers daughter. Those that knew our mother know exactly what that means.