Day 52 – Disbelief, Then And Now

APR 10, 2017 — We now know my sisters location, at least for the moment. The guardian has placed my sister is a facility that is even worse than the last one. It is more poorly rated than the last one. Dulles had a 1.9 star rating. This place has a 1 star rating. It has 14 substantiated complaints, and a high percentage of residents that get pressure sores. That’s what I call due diligence. Yes I’m being facetious. 
This is what they and guardian have done to my sister. Go back and look at the previous video of her before she went into the hospital and then watch this one again. My heart hurts. I want to hold and comfort her and tell her it is going to be okay, that I will take care of this. God has just punishments for people who do things like this. If I remember correctly God smote quite a few people.
Class we are going to learn a new phrase for the week…Can you say “Felony Negligence?”