Day 58 – I Love You Anastasia 

APR 16, 2017 — It has been 58 days since my sister was ripped away from her family. I am heartbroken beyond words. I fear for my sisters life every minute of every day. My Aunt says we should not question Gods work, but I do have questions for those here on earth.


Dear Judge Shannon,
Would you please explain to me how a man that founded the AMBER alert program in Virginia, instituted stricter penalties and requirements for sex offenders and domestic abusers, a man who is Catholic, and fought against gang violence, for stronger witness protection and rape shield laws, who I voted for in 2009, can issue an order giving my sister over to persons who care nothing about her and obviously do not believe her life has value or they would not be actively taking actions to kill her; a man who issued an order that has become a death sentence for her, an order ultimately that will lead to her death; because I just don’t get it. 

If you had done just one or two of these things I would think it was probably just bullet points for the resume; but the man above appears to have fought for victims the majority of his career. So I have to ask… JUDGE STEPHEN C. SHANNON, WHY HAVE YOU MADE A VICTIM OF MY SISTER ANASTASIA? Why have you relegated her to a life of physical and emotional suffering? Neither she nor I have ever done anything to you. I don’t get it. 
Anastasia was happy, safe and protected when she was with her family. She routinely displayed her sense of humor. Now, since your order giving her to individuals who label her as a number taking away her humanity, she screams in pain, she cries in loneliness, and her body is broken. Did you truly really think how this would all turn out? Do you ever check or look into those you have relegated to the care of others or is it just a matter of “they are off your docket and no longer your problem”? I don’t get it; can you explain it to me?
My sister Anastasia may very well die a very painful and unnecessary death, alone, because of the decision you made at 12:50pm on February 15, 2017 in Courtroom 4D of the Fairfax County Circuit Court. Being a fellow Catholic I know you believe in purgatory which is what you have deemed and directed for my sister. I know judges have a vast amount of power, authority, and influence; but only God has the right and true authority to determine who and when a person dies and is called home.
I do not know how many individuals you personally have relegated to the same fate as my sister Anastasia but I pray for them as I pray sister every minute of every day. I can only hope and pray that someone, seeing that she is alone because I have been forbidden to visit her, and her priests have been turned away, and will see her pain and her suffering and comfort her as a mother or parent comforts their child that is in pain; that someone will gently hold her hand, and stroke her hair telling her it is alright, that everything will be okay, that she did nothing wrong to deserve this, that there are people who love her, and she is not alone.
The individuals you gave my sister to have stated they believe my sister is near the end of her life. I can say with certainty and without equivocation she was not before you gave her to them. And if this is so, they and you will have to live with that knowledge for the rest of your lives. So, Judge Shannon, would you please explain to me how and why you would issue an order that has placed my sister at risk of imminent death? Please tell me why? 
Yolanda (Anastasia’s baby sister)