Day 77 – I Dare Not Close My Eyes

Thursday was a very bad day; yesterday held much of the the same as I expect today will. Tears upon tears upon tears. I have no appetite and when I try to close my eyes I have nightmares. I see my sisters broken body, I see gapping fist size bedsores, I hear my sisters cries.

When I saw my sister after the staff at Dulles H&R broke her hip her expression pleaded with me to fix it as I always did in the past, to stop people from hurting her, from breaking her body. It breaks my heart not to be able to help her and I know she wonders why because she believes that, like we did of our mother, that I can fix anything. Her expression now goes from “fix it sissy, fix it” to a bewildered expression asking “why are they doing this to me, why are they hurting me?”

She knows my hands have been tied by her guardians and because they do not value her life they refuse to have her broken bones fixed. I remind her that the Bible assures us that God takes down such people, the stiff necked, and those that harm the hairs on His children’s heads.

It seems just making a suggestion or pointing out a concern as the guardians asked me to do appears to make things worse for for my sister. There is a definition of terms for this type of behavior but I will not repeat it here. Although I will give a small example of some of the things that have happened in response to the pointing out concerns for Anastasia.

When it was pointed out that during this last hospitalization Anastasia wasn’t receiving her tube feedings the next day the guardians made it mandatory that a sitter must be present in the room with me at all times and when they had her discharged the guardians reinstated my visiting restrictions.

When the GAL (guardian ad litem) recommended guardianship of Anastasia be given over to our brother the guardians retracted their offer to file a petition turning over guardianship; telling our brother he was happy to take them to court but he might want to get a lawyer to do it; which confirms quite a few things.

I forgot to mention in my last post that we know where she is located for now. All I can say is this facility it is lower rated than the last two with far more serious problems revealed in their inspection reports, problem including homicide. 

They have cut off all Anastasia’s hair as if to rob her of her strength as Delilah and the Philistines did to Sampson. If I recall correctly God still gave Sampson the strength to destroy them and the temple.

Anastasia’s right ankle is most definitely broken. Her foot is extremely swollen and is approximately 12″ in diameter and her ankle is 10″ in diameter. Her shin and calve are discolored and blotchy meaning the broken ankle and their leaving her leg tucked under her rather than elevating it and positioning her on her broken hip is compromising the circulation to the leg especially below the knee. To visual what I am talking about think of the skin of a grapefruit only with larger divots, indentations or google “blotchy skin and poor circulation”.

Anastasia’s ankle rests at a 90 degree angle in the chair they place her in for the 1 hour visits I am allowed 3 times a week. The visits have not lasted an hour simply because it is just too painful for her to sit in the Gerri chair for a full hour because the way she is positioned all her weight is on her right hip and her leg tucked underneath her putting pressure on her ankle and hip.

Yesterday she was whimpering and crying more than she was on Wednesday. A doctor at the facility, a tall lean dapper looking Caucasian male with salt and pepper hair, saw and heard it but did nothing. I notified the guardians and asked if our visits could be moved to Anastasia’s room where she could remain in her bed and be more comfortable but my emails were ignored and went unanswered. It is as if they want to increase her pain and suffering to bring about and hasten her death.

We know they are monitoring the abduction sites, at least the public ones, so I have a question for Anastasia’s guardians: In what civilized democratic society is not fixing broken bones leaving an innocent precious angel like Anastasia to suffer okay? In what monotheistic religion is it okay to not fix broken bones and torture an innocent like Anastasia? In what or whose name gives you the true authority to torture and not value a persons life? Please explain this to me. I’ll wait… …

Still waiting… …

We Catholics believe there is a purpose to suffering. However THIS goes beyond suffering; THIS is torture any way you slice it, plain and simple.

Neither Christianity or Judaism allow for the assisting or hastening of an individuals death. In fact Judaism has no concept of “quality of life” and is supposed to believe All human life is equally sacred. An adult is not more entitled to life than an infant. An adolescent is not more deserving of life than a senior citizen. All of us – male or female, wise or foolish, able-bodied or infirm – everyone has an equal claim to survival.
This includes the terminally ill. More so THIS includes ANASTASIA! She does not have a terminal illness but even if she did the broken bones would still be required to be treated and fixed because they would not be considered a part of the illness.

The Talmud (Shabbos 151b) states that “one who closes the eyes of a dying person, hastening death by mere moments, is a full-fledged murderer.” And that One who performs an act of euthanasia on a dying person could be executed for murder, the same as one who kills a healthy person (Mishneh Torah Hilchos Rotzeiach 2:7).

As I said what Anastasia is being subjected to by her guardians is torture plan and simple; torture that is forbidden by the United Nations and Geneva conventions; torture that is forbidden by the 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution; and torture that is forbidden by the Bible and by the Tulmad.

If a parent where to deliberately refuse to fix their child’s broken bones and just left them to sit and suffer they would be charged with neglect, quite possibly felony negligence if it caused irreparable harm. They would lose their parental rights and be thrown in jail. Even guardians who are not attorneys would be treated to the same. So why it it, why should guardians who are lawyers be treated any different? That is the question everyone out there should be writing their elected representatives, local and in Washington, about on a monthly or even weekly basis. Because even one vulnerable adult suffering needlessly is too many; because one vulnerable adults hastened death is too many. We will all be old one day, God willing, and will most likely need assistance so this is an issue that affects us all, even the young. As it is said you are an adult once and a child twice.

I will end my update with this:

The silence of those in a position of power, from local to national levels, medical professionals to laymen; the silence of those in a position to do something to stop the guardians before they succeed in killing her is deafening.  However, there is such a thing as karma by whatever name you choose to call it,  and it will come back to visit them, “the chickens will come home to roost” and touch all involved; those who actively participated and those who could have done something about it and did not.

   הוא ראה גולגלת אחת שצפה על פני על המים אמר על דאטפת אטפוך וסוף מטיפיך יטופון

“[Hillel] saw a skull floating on the water. He said, ‘Because you drowned others, they [*] drowned you; in the end, those who drowned you will themselves be drowned’.”