Day 82 – Another Injury! Here We Go Again

May 12, 2017 — It has been 82 days since my sister Anastasia was ripped away from her family by Inova Fairfax Hospital; 82 days since my sister was abducted by a healthcare system that more and more gives no value to the lives of those with disabilities, or the lives of the elderly; 82 days since my sister Anastasia has seen the sun, has felt its warmth on her face, has known the safety of being protected from harm by her family; 82 days since Anastasia has not been terrorized by individuals supposedly paid to care for but instead have tormented her, have broken her bones, have abused her; 82 days since Anastasia was handed a death sentence by the Fairfax County Circuit Courts unethically and questionably legal decision to give her over to Inova designated guardians with no thought or care of what they would allow to happen to her; 82 days since the Inova guardians have willfully and purposefully tormented my sister Anastasia by allowing nursing home personnel to mistreat and abuse her, then by intentionally isolating her from her family, her friends and from clergy; and 52 days since Anastasia has known a day without the excruciating pain of a severely broken hip and a broken ankle; 82 days since my sister and we here family have wondered “will today be the day they kill her, will today be the day she dies in pain confused and wondering what she did wrong that this supposedly great country of ours would allow her to be taken from the warm, loving, and secure arms of her family only to hand her over to be tortured over and over again”; 82 days that Anastasia’s “guardians” decided that she should die and purposely withdrew and denied medical care for her broken bones refusing to get them fixed and then drugging her senseless. 

Anastasia’s body has been continually bruised and broken over the last 82 days by those who have been tasked with her care and her guardians have turned a blind eye, listened with a deaf ear, and have been mute on my sisters suffering. 
Wednesday I told you about Anastasia’s left hand being swollen and appearing disfigured. Last night when I visited my sister her right had was so grossly swollen it looked like a water balloon. Anastasia also had an injury to the left side of her head. There is a 1″ by 3/4″ bruise and indentation on the side of Anastasia’s head above her left ear. There is also a 2-2.5″ knot adjacent to the indentation. I pointed this out to the nurses and none of them claimed to know how it happened. I have some experience with head injuries and with a blow hard enough to cause an indentation in the skull there is a risk of a subdural hematoma. 
I have little to no doubt that my sister is being abused in this facility. Yesterday when a nurse slowly reached and said she was going to push up her glasses my sister immediately brought both arms up in a to shield her face. This is a purely defensive move, a defensive posture and is a telltale sign of someone who is being abused. A doctor or a law enforcement officer would immediately recognize this movement and suspect abuse if they saw a child exhibiting this behavior.
When my hour was up and it was time to leave Anastasia started to cry. This is the first time she has cried when I left and it tells me there is something going on in that facility. Yet Anastasia’s guardians refuse to allow me to visit her more than an hour three times a week. Heishman and Labowitz clearly are not interested in my sisters safety, we already know they have no interest or concern for her health and are allegedly just waiting for her to die so they can be out from under this fiasco that Inova got them into. I have a better idea, instead of torturing her, 
The American Bar Association Model Rules covers the professional behavior of lawyers, ethical and otherwise. What Heishman and Labowitz are doing to my sister goes against more than one of these rules, however the Virginia State Bar has refused to investigate or do anything in regard to what is happening. 
The Commonwealth of Virginia has abandoned Anastasia, turning a blind eye to the torture she is suffering. One has to to wonder why no agency, department, or organization official in the Commonwealth will lift a finger to help Anastasia. One also has to wonder why none of our elected officials, save one, will lift a finger to help stop the torture to which Anastasia is being subjected. 
It was posed to me that the underlying reason no one would step up to help Anastasia was allegedly because she is disabled, has no money, and is black; that this went beyond alleged disability discrimination by the hospital, it was allegedly racial and ethnic as well. We all know there has been a continuing assault on religion and religious values going on in our country. There are also certain unfortunate realities that come with being black and a minority in America, and while our race may play a part in this, I think this is first and foremost discrimination against the disabled, the poor, the elderly and an all out attack on the right to life and those religious values.
I pray everyone has a blessed day and that our Father in heaven sends His angels to surround and protect Anastasia from those trying to do her harm. I also pray that Jesus establish a perimeter of His love and protection around Anastasia and rebuke any evil presence that attempts to come near or around her, that God fill Anastasia with His Holy Spirit and send the archangel Michael to do battle for her. All glory to God, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.
Anastasia hand is larger than her hand in this picture taken when she first arrived at hospital.