100 Days – Anastasia Should Be Home

JUN 2, 2017 — Today while waiting in line for an order I noticed the overhead music was playing the Dionne Warwick song Walk on by. It immediately brought back memories of our parents who are now deceased. Then an instant later I was hit with the overwhelming weight and sorrow that this was a moment and memory my sister and I should be sharing, that this point in time of our lives we are meant to be remembering the dumb stuff we did in our childhood, the “joys” of sharing a bedroom with your sister, things we did that the other one was blamed for by our parents, sitting at the top of the stairs listening and trying to see when our parents had a party, all the enthusiastic games of Spoons that left our mothers silverware almost unrecognizable and our hands battle scarred, memories of watching our mother cooking in the kitchen and wondering why I could cook and she couldn’t boil water; memories of the time security forces picked her up from school to bring her with them to come and get me when “someone called the Base and threatened to “take and harm the Adams girl” and how she initially thought something had happened to our parents and needed her to tell me; memories of her combing my hair and helping get me ready for school; and so so many other memories. It was all I could do to hold it together and not to burst into tears in line – not because she is unable to communicate and share the memories, she it; but because we are not together, she is not home, because she is and has been confined by people and a system that do not value life, do not value her life and her right to liberty and freedom, her right to live. My sister Anastasia deserves to be and should be at home with her family.

It has been just over 100 days since my sister was abducted by Inova Fairfax Hospital and their designated guardians and my heart is as heavy today as it was then. I miss and worry for my sister’s safety every minute of every day. It has been over 100 days and what according to the Fairfax County Circuit Court, Judge Shannon, Inova, Kenneth Labowitz, and the others involved the guardianship should have been terminated by now, yet the guardians are still for all intents and purposes holding my sister captive like she is a prisoner of war in a concentration or internment camp. In 100 days, or just after, U.S. Presidents have turned around banks and the stock market during the great depression; Presidents have bailed out banks, bailed out the automotive industry, passed a plethora of legislation to ensure equal pay for women, nominated supreme court justices, given prior presidents pardon, obtained the release of U.S. diplomats being held hostage, survived assassination attempts, passed stimulus packages, kept plants from closing, and dropped an atomic bomb to end World War II; yet apparently 100 days is not sufficient time for Inova, their designated guardians, or Judge Shannon of the Fairfax County Circuit Court to terminate their IMO questionably legal guardianship and return Anastasia to her family where she was loved and will cared for properly.
When I saw Anastasia on Wednesday she was very pale. Her right hand was still severely swollen, her tongue had absolutely no moisture to it at all, and her eyes were also very dry. The later two both indicate dehydration for members of our family. She still has the pressure sores, her respiration rate is still high, she still has the covering over the iris of her right eye, and they still have not found her $230.00 prescription glasses. I sincerely question whether she is still able to see out of that eye. This is both concerning and heartbreaking.
I have been struggling with whether or not to release certain information I have in my possession and the best time to release certain portions. Preferring to act upon logic versus emotion I have withheld a good deal of information. However, there is one piece of information along with the names of the players that has been provided to me that I feel it necessary and prudent to publish, at least in part, as I believe it provides precise insight into the overall situation. I will release this information over the weekend.
I continue to ask our supporters to pray for the individuals involved, for Gods strength and protection for Anastasia and myself, for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and that God obliterate this guardianship.
Also I ask everyone to start a weekly, if not daily, writing campaign to Governor Terry McAuliffe, urging him to step in and put a stop to what they are doing.
If God is For us Who Dare be Against Us!