Day 104 – God Sees and Hears All (אלוהים רואה ושומע הכל)

We are getting close.  I was advised to hold off a few more days before I release.  In the interim, Anastasiaa’s birthday is next week.  Last week I sent an email to the guardian asking if the restrictions could be lifted for her birthday (it falls on the weekend and the guardians have forbidden anyone from visiting Anastasia on the weekends).  I explained she had already missed our traditional celebration and remembrance of our mother son Mother’s Day falls on Sunday.  I explained we always celebrate my sisters birthday together.  

The guardian said no.  

He then again tried to blame me and anyone who had visited Anastasia as the reason a good majority of this nursing facility staff are rude and dare I say inept (there are a few who are good but they are the exception). 

One only has to look at the ratings this facility has received from Medicare on their last 3 yearly inspections and the $17,875 fine Medicare imposed on them in 2015 to know the reason behind it.  Because out of 8 categories they had several deficiencies in all but 2 and that slipped to deficiencies in all but one category for 2016.  One only has to take a look at employee survey results where 97% of employees have rated management as a severe problem in the running of the facility to know the real reason behind it.  

This is all public information yet apparently, as I have stated before, the guardians have not bothered to do their due diligence and instead want to put the blame anywhere but where it truly lies.  Like the Michael Jackson song says start with the man in the mirror.  

Picture taken in 2016.

God Bless