Day 107 – Anastasia Audibly Wheezing and Breathing Labored

I saw my beautiful and precious sister Anastasia today. Every time I see her like this my heart aches. There is absolutely no justification for this to have happened and her to be forced to suffer the way she has been.  
After I sat down and we started our prayers she started leaning toward me wanting me to hug her; it broke my heart to have to tell her I couldn’t because they wouldn’t let me, I wanted to but couldn’t, if I did it would break their rules and they would forbid me from seeing her all together (which IMO is what the facility and guardians actually want). Repeating “I love you” over and over and over would have to suffice.
Don’t get me wrong there are good people at this facility, unfortunately they are not in a position of power and must arguably follow the directives of their superiors. 
Please continue the extra prayers for my sister Anastasia. The chest X-rays did not definitively show pneumonia but they rarely ever do for my sister, it takes a CAT Scan to show it definitively which they cannot do in house.
Anastasia was audibly wheezing while breathing today. Her breathing is still labored and her respiratory rate elevated; and there are a few other issues not the least of of which is that she has lost a significant amount of weight. Her collar bones are extremely prominant as it her breast bone, the tendons in her neck, and her mandible where it attaches to the skull itself.  
I was told by the guardians that Anastasia was receiving “adequate” nutrition. Evidently not if she is still losing weight. JAMA and other medical publications have published studies that state elderly patients with pressure sores in nursing homes actually require increased calorie intact, over 1800+, if they are to recover. So unless it is their intention for her “not” to recover (we all know the answer to that one) then “adequate” just doesn’t cut it.
Some good news is that while her right eyelid was still slightly swollen she was able to open both her eyes today, although she cried at not being able to be held. Also the swelling of her right hand had gone down. And believe it or not Labowitz has changed his mind and granted permission for me to hug and kiss Anastasia for her birthday!!!! So keep up the prayers!!! While I am still prohibited from visiting on her birthday which falls on the weekend, during my hour visit on Friday or Monday I may hug and kiss my sister! Praise God, Hallelujah!!!!   
During each visit we pray and I also tell my sister she needs to stay strong, to continue asking God for his strength and to turn this debacle around. I ask our supporters to continue to pray for those involved; Kenneth Labowitz, Anne Heishman, Judges Stephen Shannon, Thomas Mann, Brodie, Buchanan, and Treinga, their staffs, and the appellate court judges of the 4th Circuit and Virginia Supreme Court; Sharon Loganzo, Tommy Anderson, Kelly Armstrong, PhD, Scott Betzelos, MD, Neela Thathagari, MD, and everyone else involved. 
Lastly there are still some bomshell’s to come this week and the next. All I can say regarding this at this point is that God is Good and HIS will WILL be done!!!!! Amen and Hallelujah!!! It is definfitely going to be interesting!!
This picture is a favorite of mine. It was taken while she was in Reston Hospital Center (more on them later). The Director of Nursing had purchased this Dalmatian “Doogie” (for her after the hospital had lost Fred her Yorkie Beanie Baby and her favorite animal “Roscoe” also a classic beanie baby, who had been given to her by a friend in our church who unfortunately passed away a year later so it could not be replaced. I lucked out and was able to find one more of Roscoe and Fred on EBay.  
Roscoe and Doogie disappeared when Anastasia was transferred form Inova Fair Oaks Hospital to Virginia Hosptial Center in March 2017. Because Roscoe was a retired classic beanie baby I have not been able to replace him.