Day 263 – Guardians Withdrawing Anastasia’s Nutrition

It has been 263 days since Inova Health Systems doing business as Inova Fairfax Hospital abducted my sister Anastasia because I simply disagreed with them and refused to consent to her discharge with a large pericardial effusion (fluid around the heart) and a 12″ blood clot.

In that time Inova designated guardians Dingman Labowitz, PC principal Kenneth E. Labowitz, Esq and partner Anne M. Heishman, Esq, of Alexandria, Virginia have allegedly either directed or been complicit in running Anastasia’s health into the ground.

Now Labowitz and Heishman want to withdraw Anastasia’s nutrition and starve her to death; which Labowitz believes will take 10-14 days, though he states you cannot pinpoint how long it (starving her) will take to end her life.

Further Guardians Labowitz and Heishman have now also further restricted visitation with Anastasia because several clergy wanted to visit and provide sacraments and spiritual comfort to her last night.

Now everyone must call in advance and let them know they want to visit. No one (including clergy) will be allowed to visit out side of the following:

“No one is allowed to visit with Ms. Adams without a staff person present. No more than one visitor will visit at a time. Visits will only take place at between 9AM and 5PM during weekdays. Advance notice must be provided to Kiren Korpan at Envoy for any visit; if is no advance notice provided, then that visitor will not be permitted to visit.”

Kiren Korpan is the nursing director.