Day 266 – Anastasia, I Love You Sissy, Stay Strong #IsMyLifeWorthSaving


It has been 266 days since my sister Anastasia was abducted by Inova Fairfax Hospital and their designated guardians Kenneth Labowitz and Anne Heishman.  For 266 days my sister Anastasia has been subjected to care and treatment that has literally run her health into the ground.  She has suffered numerous injuries including a severely broken right hip, a broken right ankle, and vision loss in her right eye.  She has been ripped from, denied her family and emotionally tortured by a guardianship machine aided by the courts and a system that were meant to protect the vulnerable; aided by the indifference of mandated reporters and medical staff.

Guardians Labowitz and Heishman appear to justify their treatment and the isolating of Anastasia on me.  They are quick to tell anyone attempting to help us in this endeavor that I am unreasonable in my actions in regard to my sister, I don’t abide by what they consider reasonable, and I make unfounded accusations against them and the guardianship.  As they have done for months they project what they are doing onto me.  And as always to prevent being seen for who and what they are they point fingers at the Envoy.  Envoy in turn points the finger at the guardians when they are reminded that federal and Virginia law both prohibit any hospital or nursing facility that accepts federal funds (Medicare and Medicaid) from preventing residents to have visitors or limiting visitors to specific hours.

Now guardians Labowitz and Heishman want to starve Anastasia to death.  Labowitz has stated “it’s a miracle that Ms. Adams has survived as long as she has”.  Indeed it is a miracle given the treatment and alleged abuse and neglect she has been subjected to since she has been in their custody.

Apparently the guardians also belief I am incapable of letting my Anastasia pass.  This could not be further from the truth.  I have been the designated POA for my parents and our eldest brother when each of them passed away.  And with the exception of our mother because her death was unexpected; I have been at the bedside of each family member holding them when they passed away.  I am the one who authorized the DNR for my father when we got to the point I believed we were causing more harm than good; based upon discussions I had with him prior to his being unable to make decision for himself.  However, we did not remove his nutrition or hydration.  Based on  numerous discussions with Anastasia over the years prior to and after her brain injury I know for an absolute fact what is being done to my sister is not what she intended to happen when she signed the Virginia POA/Advance Directive or what she would want.  She would not want her nutrition and hydration withdrawn.

The fact of the matter is Inova and their guardians are speaking out of both sides of their mouths.  If you read the court transcripts, both circuit court and federal court, or listen to the Kelly Armstrong phone call and meeting you will realize that they are in one breath questioning the validity of the 2010 power of attorney and advance directive and now in the next breath trying to use that same document to justify ending her life by starvation.  The circuit court order actually suspended the 2010 advance directive, so how are the guardians able to justify being so hell bent on ending my sister Anastasia’s life is beyond me.  Add to this the fact there is an active appeal of the circuit courts decision which should prevent them from purposefully bringing about her death and it just boggles the mind.

I do not believe we would even be close to my sister dying if it were not for the alleged neglect and treatment Anastasia has received and been subjected to since being in Inova and guardian Labowitz and Heishmans care.  When everything comes out and is exposed, and it will because it always does, there will be hell to pay.