Bad Actors and the American Legal System

Finally a Judge speaks of the “distressing characteristics” of the American Legal system. While this article by now retired Judge Andrew Berman of the Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago, Illinois, deals with the subject of police brutality it directly addresses how bad actors are protected and avoid public disclosure of their actions within the American legal system, thus allowing them to continue acting with impunity.

“A distressing characteristic of the American legal system is that bad actors can avoid public disclosure of their actions through settlements and plea agreements.  We have seen corporations that commit financial and environmental crimes, celebrities who engage in sexual assault and harassment, and police who act with unlawful brutality take advantage of a legal system that allows their deeds to remain secret.  Judges have the power to include public disclosure of the bad conduct in any plea agreement, but, under the pressure of heavy caseloads, usually do not insist on it.”

Prison Sentence for Cop Who Shot Into car of unarmed black teens will deter misconduct