Day 13 – Overwhelming Sorrow

Sleep does not come easy nor is it peaceful. When I awake my heart immediately aches when I awake with the realization my precious and beloved sister Anastasia is no longer on this earth. The pain and sorrow are instantaneous with the opening of my eyes, it comes before any conscious thought and remains with me until my body takes over and sleeps again for however briefly.

I know it is said that time heals all wounds but the wound of losing my sister to such an unnatural and untimely death, the wound of her being (allegedly) killed in such a barbaric and sadistic manner is not going to heal anytime soon, if ever.

My beautiful and precious sister is dead and the fact of the matter is she should not be. Anastasia could have and should have lived into her seventies or longer but for the actions of Inova Fairfax Hospital and their designated guardians Labowitz and Heishman.

No matter how they try to atone for what they have intentionally done and did to my sister Anastasia will haunt them for the rest of their lives; what she suffered at their direction will haunt them for the rest of their natural lives. Karma will come to call on all who had a hand in Anastasia’s death as she has already on some of the nursing staff. I truly believe you cannot avoid, hide, run from, or pray away Karma by whatever word or concept you call it. I also believe Karma (God’s vengeance) is just getting started for this particular group of people. It may not be swift but it will be mighty.