Day 17 Part One #Justice4Anastasia

It has been 17 days since my sister Anastasia’s life was taken by Inova Fairfax Hospital (Scott Betzelos, MD & Kelly Armstrong, PhD) and their designated guardians Labowitz and Heishman through starvation and dehydration.

Inova forcibly took guardianship of Anastasia to remove her from Fairfax hospital on February 15, 2017. Their designated guardians Kenneth Labowitz and Anne Heishman forcibly held Anastasia for 270 days, 6480 hours, 388,800 minutes; intentionally isolating her from her family and loved ones so she spent 75% of that time alone, think about that for a minute… 291,600 minutes, 17,496,000 seconds alone. Anastasia and her family counted down each and every minute until they could visit and be together again.

Anastasia had been constantly and consistently well cared for by her loving family for 4383 days since suffering her brain injury… that’s 105,192 hours, 6,311,520 minutes, 378,691,000 seconds of loving hands on care and hugs and kisses. Then Inova and their guardians took all of that away making the last 9 months of Anastasia’s life a living hell.

Of the numbers 4120 stands out and is the most important. I will not tell you what it signifies or why but all will learn why soon enough.

Guardian Kenneth Labowitz wrote in his opinion “it was a miracle she (Anastasia) survived this long”. Anastasia was Gods miracle. Labowitz took away Gods miracle and if you believe the Bible he will burn in hell/Sheol for it.

I love you and miss you Anastasia.

Your baby sister