Edith+Eddie and the 2018 Oscars

As a rule, and with rare exception, I have kept the focus of this page on my sister Anastasia and the horrors that she experienced at the hands of Inova, their designated guardians Ken Labowitz and Anne Heishman, and the nursing homes where they placed them. However, the fact that an Academy Award Nominated documentary that addresses the issue of abusive Guardianships here within the Commonwealth of Virginia appears to be the odds on favorite to win in its category how could I not taught is praises.

So many have contacted me regarding my sister Anastasia. Some have shared their heart braking stories with me. We are kindred souls and therefore must all support this documentary! We know for fact that most people are not aware of the dark side of Guardianships unless it has touched them or someone they know. This film has the opportunity to spark a national conversation and for that reason alone it must win.

So to all of Anastasia’s supporters I’m getting that “twitter storm” feeling! #EdithEddie #Oscars2018 Edith+Eddie

For those who have seen the documentary you may view it at http://www.topic.com/edith-eddie