It’s Getting Hot in There

Just a quick update to inform Our supporters that over the last few days Inova (I would guess Ms. Armstrong) has been attempting to have YouTube and Change.Org take down the video of her initial phone call threatening they would seek guardianship of Anastasia. The phone call clearly shows that Inova was duplicitous in their actions and that they intentionally sought to take or abduct my sister Anastasia.

This is a matter of free speech. Virginia is a one party state and the law states if one party to the conversation or call is aware it is being recorded it is legal. There were only two parties on the call and I was one. Just because it is now an embarrassment to the all mighty INOVA doesn’t change the facts that they essentially abducted my sister, gave her to their designated guardians, and they took her life. 1+1=2 and 2+2=4. Kelly Armstrong, PhD started the entire thing, she blocked my legal access as power of attorney to Anastasia medical information and records telling nursing staff they were “no longer allowed to share medical information with me” (Yes I can prove this too).

Bottom line IMO INOVA believes they are above the law….but time will show them that just ain’t so.