Anastasia’s Voice

In February 2017 Inova Fairfax Hospital, a large well known healthcare conglomerate in Northern Virginia and their contracted professional guardians took possession of Anastasia Adams without proof or allegation of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Why? Because her sister and legally designated power of attorney “refused to consent to discharge” because she felt Anastasia was still too ill. Barely two weeks later in a written legal decision the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Office of Hearings and Appeals agreed that Anastasia was too ill to be discharged, but it was too late because the hospital had already taken custody.

In the battle against Inova to get Anastasia back her sister researched dozens of court records and found this was by no means an isolated incident. Inova had done this over forty times in the preceding twelve months (as has done it dozens of times since). Anastasia’s sister blew the whistle to the Virginia Legislature and exposed that Inova was using guardianships to dump Medicare and Medicaid patients. In retaliation Inova’s contracted guardians allegedly isolated, neglected, and abused Anastasia and then ended her life. The guardians isolation was so complete that Anastasia died alone without family, friends, or clergy by her side to pray, comfort, or hold her hand.

Anastasia’s Voice exists to advocate for those whose voices have been silenced through predatory plenary guardianships and to educate those in positions of power who must put a stop to this abuse and isolation of the most vulnerable among us, the disabled and the elderly.

Our Mission is to inform and educate family and caregivers of the potential horrors of professional guardians and guardianship abuse.