Day 216 Part 2

I saw Anastasia for the hour allotted. She is extremely pale, her face is gaunt and discolored. Her tongue is also discolored and appears bruised. She was not receiving IV antibiotics as of yet only saline. She was not receiving nutrition at this time either. They had put in a central line about an hour before I arrived so would have wanted her stomach empty, however that does not account for the absence of a feeding pump or tube feeding in her room given she has been there since last night.

I have been informed by the guardians that I will not be allowed to visit Anastasia over the weekend. They “anticipate she will be back to Envoy before my scheduled visit.” The same exact thing as last time and she had to go four days without seeking her family. Where the guardians stated in “experience is that there can be a number of delays in such a plan”, which means Anastasia may go several more days without seeing and receiving comfort from her family.

I was also told they want to place her in hospice care, asked for the name of the funeral home the family uses, and where I lived/my home address.

Read between the lines here.

After running her health into the ground they intend to let her die.

I will still be posting what I referred to earlier but I need to go to find a priest for confession after this.