Day 36 – Apologies

It has been thirty-six days since my beautiful and precious sister Anastasia was intentionally killed by Inova, their designated guardians Heishman and Labowitz, and the personnel at Envoy of Alexandria. Thirty-seven days since I have been able to touch and hug my sister.

Christmas is Monday and Anastasia and I should be preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ. We should be attending church together and she should be sitting up I her wheelchair with a stack of new DVDs in front of her for her to organize into the order in which she wants to watch them.

Of course, however, since she was killed by guardians who were supposedly appointed to protect her and have her best interests at heart, none of this will happen now.

The only solace is knowing that God has a doozy in store for them and I pray He allows me to see it as He has in the past.

Again I apologize to our followers and I hope to be back to posting regularly in the near future.

I hope all of our supporters have a Merry Christmas and the New Year brings all you hope.

Yolanda, Anastasia’s Baby Sister

#Anastasia’s Voice