Day 215 – Anastasia Not Doing Well

It has been 215 days since my sister Anastasia has last been for a drive, has seen the sky, has rested in the safety of her family.

I saw Anastasia yesterday and today. It took them 22 minutes to get Anastasia ready and bring her out today. Today’s visit only lasted 20 minutes before they took her back to her room.

Anastasia is not doing well. She is running a fever (she was burning up) that I would guess from my prior experience with her is around 102.5 and her breathing is very rapid, shallow, and labored. You can audibly hear gurgling when as she breathes. She is listless and her eyes are dull. She cries as she breathes because she is not able to clear the mucus that is there. This is precisely the reason she received regular (not PRN) breathing treatments at home. Anastasia has new bruises as well.

I will write about more about today’s and yesterday’s visit later . My printer is acting screwy so I need to buy a back up in case it decides to stop working all together.

Please pray for Anastasia ask God to give her His strength, and also pray for her nurses, the guardians, and the judges along with the original people I asked you to pray for. More later…