Day 219 – We Shall See

It has been 219 days since my sister Anastasia Adams was abducted by Inova Fairfax Hospital and their designated guardians; 219 of her looking to me to help and save her from the injuries that have been inflicted upon her whether through alleged direct intent, inattention, or neglect; 219 days of wanting to be home sleeping in her own bed and my wanting her home where she will be safe and protected.  I miss her smile, her mischievous side, and her laugh…yes she does laugh or at least she did prior before all of this and I pray she will again.

I had a rather interesting meeting today.  There were a few red flags but only time will tell if it will bear fruit or if the items discussed will just be pencil whipped and tossed under the rug.

I saw Anastasia today, Thanks be to God.  She is pale, more pale than she was last week.  It appears she will be receiving another blood transfusion.  If you recall she had to receive 2 pints of blood when she was hospitalized on September 6, 2017.  Here it is barely 3 weeks later and she needs another one yet to my knowledge still no testing has been done to determine the source of the bleeding.  Instead as I posted before the guardians would like to place her in hospice and increase her pain medication which we all know is code for…

Todays visit was a little different from the one on Friday.  Today I was treated to not one but two sitters, the second one – you guessed it – was a security officer.  He sat there along with the primary sitter and they just watched me.  I mean really?  I have absolutely no idea what these people think I am going to do that makes them to keep calling security, or why one of the guardians appears to be scared of me.  I have never lost my temper or “shown my behind”.  I simply asked a single question after the hearing – “why are you trying to kill my sister”.  In fact I have not verbally spoken to either of them more than a handful of times.  Oh well, maybe they are used to individuals who are able to maintain themselves and their decorum.

I have been meaning to upload a photo array of Anastasia and with everything have not gotten around to finishing it.  It still is not completely finished but I am uploading a short edited version of what will eventually be a mini documentary about our situation.

I have barely slept in days and then it was fitful and interrupted.  Exhaustion is setting in so hopefully I will sleep more than a couple of hours and not wake up every 15 minutes in a panic.  Everyone have a good night and please don’t forget to write the letters.