Day 9 – I Am Without Words

It has been 9 days since my beautiful and precious sister Anastasia was abducted by Inova Fairfax Hospital and their designated guardians; 9 days of extreme pain and sorrow; 9 days of pacing the floor and unanswered questions as to why no one except three did absolutely nothing to help save her to help extract her from Inova’s clutches.

My sister is gone, she was taken from the security, love, and protection of her family and forcibly isolated, denied the comfort and touch of her family, friends, and clergy. Guardians Labowitz, Heishman, and Sharon Loganzo took or disallowed everything from her that would give her comfort or help sustain her life because they very evidently did not value her life or her right to live it…because she was disabled.

Over the last 9 months my beautiful and precious sister Anastasia was allegedly neglected and abused to a tortuous extent. When her tormentors were finished she was barely recognizable. The images of what they did to her will remain with me forever. As did Mamie Till for her son Emmett I will not let what was done to her be forgotten.