Day 209 – Still Pale

It has been 209 days since my sister Anastasia has been abducted by Inova and their designated guardians.

I saw Anastasia today. It has only been 5 days since they transfused two pints of blood and she is already beginning to look pale again. Her left hand, palm, and fingers were white and void of color or tint. This tells you she has an active bleed somewhere and a fairly significant one if you can lose enough blood to visibly appear pale five days after receiving two pints of blood. Yet the guardians refuse to advocate for Anastasia to have testing done to determine the source. Maybe it is just me but I could swear that part of being a guardian was advocating for your ward, part of following God was to look after and advocate for the sock, the poor, the vulnerable, widows and orphans. Maybe it’s just me.

The day of atonement (Yom Kippur) is coming up. As the Archangel Michael said when battling the devil – “may the Lord rebuke you.”