Former INOVA CMO Scott Betzelos moves from ThedaCare to diversified quality inovations in chicago. Beware chicago.

In September of 2019 Scott Betzelos left ThedaCare to become the president of Diversified Quality Innovations. A company that claims to be a “Transformative resonate healthcare leader offering extensive operational, clinical, and managerial experience in the industry. Stellar record of success leading large organizations and cross-functional multi-site teams to achieve clinical provider alignment and integration. Inspire Adoption of HRO (High Reliable Organization) principles realizing outcomes by design rather than practice and reach Zero Harm by 2020.” Evidently they are unaware of direct involvement with allegedly taking medicare and medicaid patients under guardianship to remove them from his hospital when he worked at Inova Fairfax Hospital.

Chicago, I would keep my eyes open.