Day 10 – Never Another Peaceful Nights Sleep #Justice4Anastasia

It has been 10 days since my beautiful and precious sister Anastasia was abducted by Inova Fairfax Hospital and their designated guardians; 10 days since her life was tortuously ended by guardians Labowitz and Heishman after allegedly subjecting her to (alleged) tortuous neglect and abuse over a 9 month period.

I may never have another peaceful nights sleep; dreams and visions of what they did to my precious and beautiful sister will remain with me for the rest of my life. I will not let what was done to her almost there the hands of Inova, Labowitz, Heishman or the facilities where they placed her ever be forgotten.

One must ask why did RHC and Inova keep Anastasia consistently dehydrated? Were they trying to kill her kidneys?

On November 22, 2016, the same day Medicare issued a decision saying Anastasia was too ill to be discharged (Yes they overturned two discharge decisions for Anastasia) Reston Hospital Centers Director of Case Management, Julie Widmen, discharged Anastasia anyway. When asked if Potomac Falls Health and Rehab (sister facility to Dulles Health and Rehab who broke Anastasia hip) did not provide proper care if Anastasia could return to RHC Ms. Widmen replied “no, not unless you have a lot of money.”

Are hospitals truly interested in treating and caring for the disabled and elderly or do they just want to get rid of them by any means necessary? Evidence points to the later.

[Anastasia September 6, 2017 after being rushed to Inova Alexandria Hospital from Envoy of Alexandria after 4 months of their care (or lack thereof). Dulles Health and Rehab broke Anastasia’s hip but Envoy of Alexandria killed her.]