What Is Wrong With People?

Ok, I arrive at the SNF this morning at 0900 and as expected they are more short staffed than usual because of the storm. My sister was still in the bed and had not been changed or dressed. When they saw me arrive someone quickly came down to her room and got her cleaned up, dressed and in her chair.  
While they are getting my sister cleaned up I notice my sister appears to have a black eye and bruising on her nose that was not there when I left. I also note that her knee is still more swollen and now also notice there is bruising showing around her knee.  
The cable went out this morning so I connected my iPad to the TV and put on an old movie for my sister and her roommate to watch. When I see her roommate she also has what appears to be a black eye. What the heck!? Someone needs to start explaining what went on here last night.  
When PT came in to see my sister this morning I mentioned and showed him her knee. He was astonished and said it wasn’t like that when he worked with her yesterday morning. He also appeared shocked that an X-ray had not been done.