Day 81 – Another Injury

It has been 81 days since my sister Anastasia was ripped from her family, from a place of comfort and safety; from people who loved and protected her, who ensured she was safe, well cared for and all her needs were met.
Sometime between the time I left the nursing facility on Monday evening and mid-day on Tuesday Anastasia suffered another injury. Her left hand is swollen almost twice its normal size and the heal of her palm appears dark, bruised and malformed now. Think of the difference in appearance between a normal human foot and the caricature of Fred Flintstones feet; this is the difference in appearance. The heal of Anastasia’s hand is literally the size and shape of Fred or Barnie’s foot.
Based upon the comments and attitude of two of the nurses who were on staff when I left Monday night, one in particular, and additional information that has been anonymously provided to me I suspect this was an allegedly intentional act. As I stated in yesterdays update the nursing facility had cut off all Anastasia’s hair. Today I was informed the nursing facility is trying to “claim” she arrived with all of her hair cut off. I have to call BULLOCKS to that one. I let her guardians know that the cutting of her hair absolutely happened at the nursing facility and we have witnesses and proof.  
Now if a person or nursing home will lie about cutting off someones hair… what else will and are they lying about? I will be interested to hear exactly what both the nursing facility and the guardians have to say about the latest injury.
I must give Mr. Labowitz some credit today because for the first time since this debacle began he provided us with an actual update of my sisters health status. I am thankful for this and hope and pray that it continues and that he will eventually see that the best place and only place for my sister Anastasia is back at home with her family; and that they then terminate this unethical and unneeded guardianship instituted by INOVA before Anastasia suffers yet another and/or irreparable injury before it is too late.  
I hope and pray everyone sleeps well.
Yolanda, Anastasia’s baby sister