Day 86 – The Gloves Come Off

 I am a relatively laid back person. I generally hold a live and let live mentality. It takes a lot to to push me to the point that I am truly done with tolerating anyones foolishness. But as my aunt used to say when a person would show their behind one time too many “they have torn their last good pair of britches with me.” So now the gloves come off.

As a recap as to what has transpired since Friday, aside from my broken foot (no I didn’t break it off in anyone John brown hind parts); on Friday I drove 45 minutes to see my sister and was told I could not see her. I was told by the facility that the guardian had further restricted my visits to my sister. They called the guardian so he could tell me himself and this man went off yelling like a lunatic. If his voice had been higher and I didn’t know better I would have thought he was a woman in hysterics, no lie. You could hear him even without putting the phone to your ear. He threatened to tell the nusing home to call the police and have me arrested if I did not leave the premises immediately.

 Hystrionics aside, as I am sure the nursing home quickly called back and informed him I have witnesses and proof of this conversation. Welcome to Virginia and federal law, gotta love it!
Histrionics aside, during the conversation he mentions he sent me an email. So after I left the nursing home property I checked my email to find he, Labowitz, has further restricted my visits. I still may visit for one hour three times a week but now I am only allowed to visit on Monday thru Friday and only between the hours of 9-5, oh and i must schedule my visits so they know I am coming.  Lastly I am no longer allowed to visit on weekends.
Today, four days later, I receive another email from Labowitz, first issuing a veiled threat to move my sister several hundred miles away from Northern Virginia:
“Once again the guardians attempt to shift blame to us on why the nursing home staff is rude and why my sister keeps coming up with bruises and injuries, when based on evidence we know that just isn’t so.  
Guardian Labowitz then goes as far as to issue a veiled threat to move my sister Anastasia “several hundred mikes away from Northern Virginia” if we don’t start doing what he says saying:
“The only option once [name if nursing home] is not available will be a search for a facility that will accept her as a patient, and there is a real likelihood that Ms. Adams may be cared for several hundred miles away from Northern Virginia.”
His email went on to inform me he was restricting visitation to Anastasia for everyone, for all visitors. All visitors would be restricted to visiting Monday thru Friday and only between the hours of 9-5. Which is the same as completely barring visits because most people work and do not get off until that time. NO ONE is allowed to visit Anastasia on the weekends. Never mind that he prevented our traditional rememberance celebration of our deceased mother on Mothers Day. Or that federal law prohibits ANY nursing facility that accepts Medicare and/or Medicaid funds from barring patients visitors or visiting times. There they go violating federal law and her constitutional rights again.
I have also come across some very very interesting information regarding the players in this situation. I will release that at an appropriate time.  
I have been working on the appeal to the VA Supreme Court and starting the Appeal to the 4th Circuit which is why it has been 4 days since I posted an update. Keep you eyes peeled and check back because when I finish that I will be uploading a bunch of goodies that will answer ALOT of questions and you will not want to miss.
Until then I would like to leave Anastasia’s supporter with this quandary:
A “professional guardian” means a guardian appointed by a court who is not a member of the incapacitated person’s family and who charges fees for carrying out the duties of court-appointed guardian of three or more incapacitated persons. The Question Is…. Can an individual properly and effectively look after, protect and care for 120+ people with increased or special needs? Think about it and post your thoughts.
Have a Blessed night!