Day 99 – My Heart Aches

MAY 30, 2017 — It has been 99 days since my sister was ripped from her family when Inova abducted her in an unethical and questionably legal “guardianship”.
My heart aches for my sister and what she is being put through. It is something I can guarantee I will never forget, something neither of us will ever forget. It still affects my ability to sleep and my dreams. Case and point, it is 0254 and I am still up.
I saw my sweet precious sister today. She cried through the visit. Anastasia continues to have breathing difficulties. This afternoon she was literally panting and her respiration rate was 52 which is exceptionally and dangerously high and associated with tachycardia. I notified the staff member that was sitting in the lobby to observe me during the visit but he had not passed it on to the nurses by the time I left.
Other things I noted were my sister was not sweating as she usually does when they bring her into the lobby. This combined with the panting and extremely high respiration leads me to believe she is dehydrated. The nursing facility is not providing Anastasia with sufficient free water. The only water she is getting is when they flush her feeding tube after the give medications, which history has shown is insufficient for her. The AC in this place is either antiquated and not in good working order because residents will come into the lobby and open the door to get air to circulate now that the days are warming up. I offered to bring in a small table top fan for her room and was told “we have one in her room already” by Tommy the Deputy Administrator; which is only partially true.
My sisters right hand is still swollen to twice it’s original size. It looks like a water balloon. If you picture the old drawings of Mickey Mouse with stick arms and huge balloon hands, that is what her hand looks like. She also still has the grayish film covering the iris of her right eye. I question if she can still see out of this eye. To my knowledge she has not been taken to her ophthalmologist for her follow-up appointment. Oh and while we are speaking of her eyes, the nursing facility appears to have lost her prescription eye glasses. These glasses cost $230.00. She cannot see without them. She still has at least 3 pressure sores.
Over the past two weeks while preparing briefs for the court and working to get things in place, a thought stopped me… How jacked up does a persons life have to be, how morally bankrupt must a person be to purposely torture and neglect, to take advantage of the most vulnerable among us?
I have worked for people similar to those I am dealing with now. They were miserable individuals with no true joy in their lives. The women because they had no power or authority in their home life became ogre’s at work using bullying tactics to exert their version of power. The men in an attempt to compensate for something in their childhood or they perceived they were lacking felt the need to show everyone what they could do, what big and powerful men they were.
When I began to compare the two I started to wonder if these folks had anyone praying for them? I would like to ask our supporters to say a daily prayer for the next 8 days for the guardians and judges involved in this case. God knows their needs and see’s their fears, faults, and desires. God see’s into those places that are hidden from others and the world. And God can shine light on and heal all. So please pray for the following: Anne Heishman, Kenneth Labowitz, Saben Johnston, Judge Stephen Shannon, Judge Thomas Mann, Sharon Loganzo, Tommy Anderson, Comfort, Leslie Ruffner, Judge Anthony Trenga, Judge Buchanan, Judge Brodie, Kelly Armstrong, Scott Betzelos, N. Thathagari.
(Picture of Anastasia’s left eye when first hospitalized after being in Sleepy Hollow). They have worsened in the facility in Alexandria.