Day 203 – There Can Be No Other Conclusion


IMG_8587While I honestly and sincerely appreciate Guardian Labowitz calling me to inform me of Anastasia’s dire health situation there can be no other conclusion than the guardians (either one or both) with the assistance of certain individuals at Envoy are actively trying to kill my sister.  When you add 2 and 2 together it equals 4.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck nine times out of ten its a duck; or as Douglas Adams once put it “If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family anatidae on our hands.”

When I arrived at Inova Alexandria Hospital emergency room yesterday after what seemed like an eternity they initially let me back to see Anastasia…more on this in a minute.

When I saw my sister as I entered the room I stopped breathing.  Unequivocally Anastasia looked worse than she has ever looked in her 60 years on earth.  I had to closely look at her chest to see if she was even still breathing.  She was literally rail thin.  The skin on her face was a grayish color and it had no light or luster.  The palms of her hands, her fingers, her eyelids, her lips, and the skin under her eyes where you normally get dark circles when you are tired or have a black eye – where all white; there was a complete absence of color, no tint, no hue, no nothing – much worse than the picture above which was taken during her stay in Dulles Health & Rehab Center after she was abducted.  Her head was just hanging off the pillow to the right.  Her mouth was gapped open and her jaw lax.   When I called her name and told her I was here atypically she provided no response or acknowledgment that she even heard my voice.  When I kissed her forehead it was very cool and I could feel her skin there was now paper thin.  I once again said her name telling her I was here and I loved her.  I touched her shoulder and it was slight like a child’s shoulder in size now – small and fragile – Anastasia had virtually no fat or cushioning on her upper body or legs, she was emaciated.  Her stomach was distended like the pictures you see of people who are starving due to famines in Africa.  She is no longer able to see out of her right eye; the eye is completely covered over with a grayish white gooey film.  It is obvious they have not been administering her eye drops.  (Alexandria APS and Ms. Blackley take note).   I could go on and there are things I have purposely left out but I believe you can now visualize how Anastasia’s condition has markedly deteriorated since she has been in the custody of the guardians and their chosen facilities.

Getting back to their initially allowing me back to see Anastasia… Within the first 5-10 minutes I was in the room, after asking my name and how I was related to Anastasia one of the nurses stated I was not allowed to visit my sister.  I was a little taken aback because had I not been notified and told I “should go now” I would have not even known she had been taken to the emergency room.  Further my mother didn’t raise any fools, as painful and damaging as it has been to Anastasia, me and our entire family we have followed the guardians dictums.  I was told by the same nurse that there was a “restraining order” against me.  Now I was really taken aback.  I explained I had not been served with a restraining order.  They printed out a document which turned out to be the courts order granting guardianship.   The doctor then walked in and asked me why I had a restraining order against me as I explained there was no “restraining order” to my knowledge only the court order and I had been called by the guardian and told to come I looked toward the door of Anastasia’s room and saw security standing in the doorway.  I just shook my head.  I will never understand why some people choose to escalate things in situations where it is unnecessary.   We eventually got the situation straightened out after they called guardian Labowitz. (Again thank you Mr. Labowitz.)

Before I go any further the hospital admitted Anastasia but the guardians, not even 24 hours later, were pushing to have her sent back to Envoy today.   As I stated above Anastasia is very pale and very thin at barely 100 lbs.  Her blood levels were obviously dangerously low and she required a blood transfusion.  She is holding her own but please continue to pray for her and the Virginia Supreme Court hurries and overturns this things so I can make sure she is protected and properly cared for at home.

I went back this morning to visit Anastasia (the guardians will not allow me to stay the night even though it is comforting to Anastasia).  I was not there more than 15-20 minutes when the floor nursing supervisor and the case manager came and told me I had to leave because Guardian Heishman said something different than Labowitz did yesterday.  They had me wait in the visitors lounge while they double checked on visitation.  Approximately 15 minutes later the floor nursing supervisor came back and yes you guessed it with security (SMH again) and told me my visits had to be supervised (there must be a sitter to eagle eye me) and I would have to leave the hospital because they did not have one.  We will see if they will allow me to visit her tomorrow.  So once again Anastasia has her family and security ripped away from her.  But I have news for them because God is still on the Throne, He doesn’t like it when people intentionally hurt his children, and God has already won this!!  Hallelujah and Amen!!

A side note I had set Anastasia’s TV in her room to her favorite channel, put on her glasses so she could at least see out of her left eye clearly and mentioned to the nurse she liked to sleep with the TV on so if she woke up she still had something to watch.  When I got there this morning her glasses were on the side table and the TV was off.  See what I’m getting at?