Day 234 – Pale & Rapid Breathing

It has been 234 days since my sister Anastasia was abducted by Inova and their designated guardians, 234 days since they have allegedly taken part in driving her health into the ground.   Yesterday was the first day Anastasia opened her eyes since the guardians upped her opiates after she was discharged from Inova Alexandria Hospital on September 28th.  Anastasia is pale and appeared to be running another fever.  She was having difficulty breathing and was moaning off and on.  Her right eye appears to be infected as it was extremely red again and the milky coating over the iris and cornea was plainly visible.  Anastasia gave me a look yesterday as she was panting for breath that said “why aren’t you helping me?”  She knows in the past when she was under the loving caring of her family we would be in route to the hospital or urgent care.  She leaned over for me to hold her and I had to tell her I could not give her that simple comfort that the majority of us take for granted  because the guardians and Envoy director would terminate my visits, that I was only allowed to hug and kiss her at the beginning and end of our one hour visits.  It broke my heart.

As I stated during the F.A.C.E.U.S. interview I was falsely accused of clipping Anastasia’s finger nails down to the point of making her fingers bleed.  Whoever clipped her nails also cut out sections of skin on her finger tips.  Given the amount of blood I witnessed on Anastasia’s finger tips the perpetrator was either completely inept or was trying to hurt her as I am sure Anastasia cried out in pain.

The guardians are attempting to use this to threaten to terminate my visits.

Labowitz Email Threat to Term Visits

Naturally when I informed them there wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell I had done this to my sister they expressed utter disbelief.

I will close this update by telling our supporters there are other things in the works that I am not at liberty to divulge at present.  For those who have not seen or shared the youtube video clip of “The Abduction of Anastasia Adams”  please watch and share widely.  Let s see if we can get this to go viral!

Oh wait there is one more thing, yesterday when I was getting into my car I noted a strange man (caucasian, grey/white hair, early to mid 60’s, approximately 5’9″, medium to stocky build, wearing shorts and a t-shirt) just sitting in a white pickup truck outside the building I had just exited.  He sat there for awhile and once he noticed I was observing him he exited his vehicle and walked up to the building trying to find a way in other than the secured front entry, walking to each of the outer stairway exits, and then returned to his vehicle.  He then attempted to hide behind the open truck door.  While not readily visible I wonder if he noticed that building has security cameras? lol