Day 242 – Very Congested & Interest is increasing

It has been 242 since my sister Anastasia was abducted by Inova Fairfax Hospital and their two designated guardians.  I will add to this update after I visit with Anastasia today but wanted to provide a quick update.  It has been a busy couple of weeks.  I saw Anastasia Friday and Monday.  She is very congested you can hear it when she breathes that as she attempts to cough.  Since they upped her opitates Anastasia has only opened her eyes and been engaged twice during our visits.  Because she is so sedated it represses her respirations and cough reflex which from what I have read is used in an attempt to excellerate the end of life process.  
On Monday Anastasia opened her eyes during the last part of our visit.  She started gurgling and attempting to cough.  I told the person that was monitoring us she needed to be suctioned.  They informed the nurse however it took her 5 minutes to come to check on Anastasia.  In an instant where it is obvious that a patient is having difficulty breathing it should never take 5 minutes for personnel to check on them as it only take 2-3 minutes for irreversible damage or death to occur.  Anastasia did cough up blood tinged saliva and then a tablespoon amount of  a very gross greenish, yellow, grey glob of mucus; which tells me she has a respiratory infection of some sort.  She was running a low grade fever so possibly bronchitis or the beginnings of pneumonia.  Anastasia is also becoming pale again.  She also was twitching which is something that is completely new for her.

I cannot remember if I previously posted that the federal court dismissed the violation of constitution rights case stating lack of jurisdiction to hear the case.  The Virginia Supreme Court pushed back our appeal which was originally supposed to be heard on yesterday’s writ panel.  It has now been pushed back to December.  It could have been heard in August when the Court does a traveling road show, so to speak, and was here in Fairfax, VA.  They heard cases received just prior to and just after my appeal but “chose” not to hear ours.  

As I said it has been a busy couple of weeks.  Interest in what is happening to Anastasia is increasing.  An article written by Sophie Sifflet about what is happening can be found here.  Hospital Uses Guardianships to Remove Medicare & Medicaid Patients