Day 250 – Empty Promises & Court Updates

Anna Eye VHC
Anastasia Left Eye Chamosis at VHC (the white spot you see is similar to what was in her left eye yesterday

It has been 250 days since my sister Anastasia was abducted by Inova and their designated guardians.  It has been 9 1/2 months (6000 hours) since my sister has been able to freely watch she favorite shows and movies on television, has been able to go for car rides to see God’s beautiful creation, has been able to be freely comforted, held and kissed by her family, or has been able to go outside and sit feeling the warmth of the sun on her face…things so common most of us take them for granted.

During several of our recent visits Anastasia has been panting as she breathed and crying off an on tears falling from her eyes.  I have reassured her that interest in what has been and is happening to her is increasing.  There are things I have specifically been told I may not divulge however I will say that interest is high.  Yesterday I received confirmation that the Virginia Supreme Court has begun looking at the appeals I filed although they have not set a firm date for the writ panel as of yet.

When I saw Anastasia this past Friday I noticed that her septum was deviated to the left, her nostrils are now two different shapes.  [“A deviated septum occurs when the septum is severely shifted away from the midline…Septal deviations commonly occur due to nasal trauma.”]   I am fairly certain I know how this happened, but will leave it at that for now.  Anastasia was really uncomfortable on Friday.  She kept her eyes closed during most of the visit.  Her lips were pale, her right eye still had the film over the iris and she was moaning throughout the visit.

When I visited Anastasia on Monday after seeing she had new bruises on her arms I noticed her right leg was severely contorted with her right foot being jammed up over on top of her left thigh to where it was resting on her left hip.  To visualize this think of people meditating sitting crossed legged with their feet resting on top of their knees.  Now take this same visualization straighten the left out in front, with the right leg stilled crossed roll it so the knee is facing down toward the floor (instead of out sideways) and the tibia/fibula is straight parallel to the left leg with the right foot resting on top of the left hip joint.  To see this more clearly think of her right leg as a large letter “V” laying on its left side or better yet sit with one leg crossed, your ankle resting atop the opposite knee – now visualize grabbing that leg and pulling the foot all the way up to where the ankle rests on the hip joint. [Yeah, I cringed too]   Anastasia was clearly uncomfortable.  Each time the nurse touched or moved her right leg Anastasia would grimace.  The nurse had to take her back to her room to correct the way the CNA’s had positioned Anastasia.  When they brought her back out she appeared more comfortable but did not open her eyes more than a slit for the remainder of the visit.

When I visited Anastasia yesterday I noticed additional bruising on her arms and a red mark on her neck.  She was panting and and her eyes were closed.  She was trying to open her eyes but could not.  The two times she managed to get her eyes open I noticed she had something in her left eye in the middle of her pupil before she closed them again.  The location of the foreign object prevented her from seeing completely with the left eye and the vision is her right is lost due to the film that is over it.  Anastasia cried out when she opened her eyes assumedly because of the loss of vision and discomfort and irritation of having something in your eye.  She kept blinking trying to remove it put could not.  Here eyes appeared dry and grainy.  I  notified the facility nurse so they could flush her eyes.  I can only hope this was actually done when they took back to her room.

As you may recall we had been trying to have a television installed in Anastasia’s room so she could watch TV.  After a few months of Envoy and the guardians saying they would check into it but never doing it they finally acquiesed and allowed me to bring a TV in and have cable installed as long as I was paying for it.   Once I finally got Comcast to correctly install the cable the facility kept unplugging the TV and cable box so she was unable to watch it.

Envoy gave various explanations as to why they kept unplugging her TV including there was only one outlet on that side of the room and her roommate, who is ambulatory, had a TV that needed a plug.  I provided a UL rated surge protector that they took but did not use saying it had to be a hospital grade splitter.  (The surge protector I provided has since disappeared.)  Envoy supposedly ordered a hospital grade splitter which was due to be delivered and installed on October 19, 2017.  This did not happen.  I inquired on the 20th, the 23rd, and again yesterday the 25th if the splitter had been placed in Anastasia’s room and her TV and cable box was plugged in.  Yesterday their maintenance person finally checked and stated he plugged everything in, of course since I am not allowed back in her room there was no way for me to confirm or verify this although based upon their repeated untruths and empty promises I question if it was actually done.  I do have ability through Comcast to check and see if the cable box is actually on and connected and have routinely done so only to find it was not.  There can be no valid explanation for Anastasia’s television and cable box not being connected and on for her to watch other than it was intentional.

Please keep up the prayers.