Day 270 – It Is Finished – They Killed Her #IsMyLifeWorthSaving

DOZ3_7oXUAAT5Tt.jpg-large It has been 270 days since Inova Fairfax Hospital and their designated Guardians Kenneth E. Labowitz and Anne Marie Heishman abducted my sister Anastasia, were (allegedly) complicit and (allegedly) allowed her to be tormented, neglected, and yes abused; 270 days since they held her hostage and then ended her life through starvation and dehydration; 270 days of making my beautiful and precious sisters life a living hell.

Despite our efforts to get a stay (of execution) my beautiful, precious and adoring sister Anastasia was killed yesterday. At 2:40pm, November 16, 2017, her (alleged) abused, starved and dehydrated body could no longer hold on while we her family continued to fight to bring her home to sleep in her own bed under our protection as we her family absolutely positively and unequivocally know is what she wanted. Due to the severe visitations restrictions guardians Labowitz and Heishman put into place Anastasia died alone without her family or friends there to comfort or pray over her.

The thought of returning to the love and protection of her family, is what kept Anastasia going. The thought of returning home to California and her little garden (where she could supervise me doing the work) also kept her going. This and the thought of watching our handsome nephews grow into their own to become the men we know they will be.

Before Inova and their mafia abducted Anastasia we were preparing to move back to our home in California…it is this thought that kept her going each day. Anastasia’s will and desire to live, her resolve to survive in spite of the (alleged) neglect, abuse, and torturous care and conditions she had been subjected to over the last ten months of her life, was so she could go home and be with her family, so she could watch the dozens of new dvd’s I had continued to buy for her, so she could as my older and only sister continue to keep me in line.

We will be updating our GoFundMe page to seek assistance is laying Anastasia to rest. Rest In Peace Anna, Londy loves you and I am so so sorry I failed to save you.