Day 30 – Things Will Never Be The Same

It has been a month since my beautiful, precious and adored sister Anastasia was killed by Inova Fairfax designated guardians Kenneth Labowitz and Anne Heishman; thirty days since I have seen her beautiful face or been able to touch or hold her hand; even longer since I have seen her beautiful smile because Anastasia stopped smiling when Inova abducted her from the love, warmth, and safety of her family. Thirty days since Anastasia lay alone in a drab lonely room dying of starvation and dehydration at the direction of Labowitz and Heishman, no doubt wondering what she had done to deserve such treatment, such cruelty and wondering why her family, friends, and clergy were not at her bedside.

Not a moment of the day goes by that I do not think of my beloved sister. Not a day goes by that I do not shed tears at her loss and the horrific unnatural manner of her death. I suppose one never gets over the murder of a loved one, especially an innocent. Sleep still does not come easy and I continue to wake through the night. Most times I simply get up and work on things dealing with my sister. Other times I go in and curl up in the chair in her room facing her bed and am then sometimes able to sleep for a few hours.

It is odd but as I go through and review documentation of what was done to my sister Anastasia, especially as I put together various items for future publication, for a few seconds I sometimes forget and I catch myself thinking “this will help, when the judges or public find out what is truly happening they will terminate this and let her come home – only to remember an instant later that she was killed and is no longer with us, that she will not be coming home, that I will never again see her beautiful smiling face or experience her mischievous side in this life – and my heart breaks all over again. All because Inova, Labowitz, Heishman, and Envoy did not value her life or her ability to live it. I could go on and elaborate further but it is late.

Rest In Peace my sweet precious sister. I love you sissy and I will continue to fight for you.