Day 75 – Tears and More Tears

הוא נחרד צופים

I am not able to sleep as my brain and heart cannot shut off or out what I have seen and my sister has suffered. My heart and spirit are as broken as her bones. My soul as wounded as her emotion and pain filled cries.  

I have prayed and continue to pray for my sister and for God to stop those obviously influenced by evil, those that do not value her life in any sense of the word. Yet each passing day new trauma is usually revealed and my sister remains in pain and at the mercy of those who have no mercy and know not what mercy is, true mercy. Like in the scourging scene of Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion all I see are soldiers (guardians) faces contorted in joyful amusement at my sisters torture and abuse; working themselves into a frenzy at the sight of her pain.  
And I think back to the day the judge handed my sister over to the guardians, as Pilate handed Jesus over to Ciaphas and the Sanhedrin’s, and I wonder if she would have suffered these injuries and pain if i had called “them” in sooner would these things not have happened.  
I continually pray asking our Father to please help us get Anastasia away from those individuals who were being influenced by the evil one, who did not value her life. I asked for God to please protect her and return Anastasia to her family who want so much to love and care for her. I pleaded He put a stop to the torture they are putting Anastasia through and to surround her with His children who love Him above all else and value her life.  
Gods Word says ask and ye shall receive knock and it shall be open unto you. I begged our Father to bring forth someone who would put a stop to this before they succeed in killing Anastasia.  
I know when God is ready for her He will call her home, but I begged our Father with every ounce of my body and soul that it not be like this. His Word says not a hair on our heads will be harmed and no weapon formed against us shall prosper so I do not understand how this is happening. I know that for Anastasia to be abused and tortured, her body broken and left, is not the Fathers will and I must believe He will bring good from this or I could not bear the sun rising tomorrow or the days to come.  
Our Father in Heaven please watch over and protect my sister Anastasia. Please dispatch Your Angels to surround her and protect and watch over her. Have them shower her with kisses and hugs letting her know she is loved and adored not just by me but by most everyone who meet or encounter her, but most of all You Father in Heaven.