Day 40 – Prisoners & Prisoners of War Have More Rights

MAR 29, 2017 — It has been 5 days since I have seen my sister Anastasia, 5 days since her guardians placed her in forced isolation forbidding me her family and source of support from even stepping foot in any facility she is located under threat of legal action. God has special punishments for actions such as these.
I miss and worry about my sister throughout each moment of each day, especially since those appointed to protect her and keep her safe failed to do so. The civilized world has recognized prolonged isolation of prisoners to be inhumane, even torture. The Geneva Conventions forbid it, yet guardians are free to isolate their wards from loving family and support systems any time they see fit. Studies have shown that people with anoxic brain injuries need interaction with their families and loved ones or they decline. I suspect this may be the part of real reason for the decision.
Last night I started going through photos and video of my siser and came across this one from before she went into the hospital.
There are those (we know who they are) that believe my sister is incapable of making her wants and needs known. I beg to differ. Those of us that know and love Anastasia have always known she is capable of more than they are willing to give her credit for, partly because they don’t know her or spent any significant time with her, and partly because they don’t see her as having value. This is due to many reasons but I suspect mainly because she no longer votes, she doesn’t have any real money, and they project how would feel upon her. 
To the powers that be:
Anastasia is a beautiful, intelligent, and loving woman and sister. She is a person, she is a citizen of this wonderful nation of ours, she has worth and her life has value; SO LET HER LIVE IT.